Symbols And Symbols Of The Church Essay

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Where words fail, rituals and symbols speak volumes. It seems the secular and corporate world understands the power of rituals and symbols better than the Church. Companies rely to a large degree on logos, for instance, to sell their particular brand. Nations too use symbols like currency to symbolize national wealth. Democratically elected heads of state go through the ritual of swearing an oath before officially assuming office. Indeed, throughout the world, people who share a common history or heritage seal their intentions with symbols and shared ritual experiences.
In the Church, the rituals and symbols God gives point toward the mysteries of faith in ways everyone, including children, can understand, God in his wisdom has graciously gifted his Church with a set of rituals and symbols that deeply communicate God 's presence to all people in all circumstances. The symbols of right worship are both cultural (itinerant) and sacred (permanent). These strengthen the Church 's moral fiber and character. Wrong symbolism, in contrast, produces itinerant practices that mature into false belief systems.
Cultural symbols are temporal, and hence disposable, sacred symbols, which are unchangeable, God sets aside for God’s holy purpose. These identify the Church as a theocracy and bring past and future events into the present tense through a powerful process of remembering called anamnesis. The invocation of God 's Spirit (epiclesis) makes past events - experiences that have…

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