Symbolism In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

Symbolism often gives meaning to an object, person or idea. It sometimes shows how much something means to a person or place. Such as horse represents a cowboy, a road represents the endless opportunities ahead or even how a the American flag represents freedom in every way. Symbols are everywhere and are used for everyday things. A clock symbolizes the time of day and the moon represents the end of the work day. Colors can mean many things such as life, death, or nature. The color blue symbolizes a new day. Black symbolizes death or depression. Red means blood or love. Symbols are everywhere you just have to go and find them. In this 1973 short story by Alice Walker describes symbolism through objects of meaning to a family. Maggie, …show more content…
The character Maggie symbolizes many things such as true African-American heritage. In the article titled”‘ Everyday Use’: Defining African- American Heritage”, the author contest that Maggie doesn’t need family heirlooms to remember them. “Aunt Dee’s first husband whittled the dash”, it is significant that she knew the history of the dasher because Dee knew nothing of its history(3). With this information given by the article it shows that Maggie didn’t need past objects, she could use her memories. On the contrary to symbolizing true African- American heritage, Maggie also symbolizes burn scars. In “Symbolism in ‘Everyday Use’” the author suggests that: “Maggie will never forget how and when she received them, the memory will haunt her forever” (1). Maggie’s scars show a painful yet, distant memory of the past that will forever be with …show more content…
In “’Everyday Use’ :Defining African – American Heritage “ David White suggests that Alice
Walker” uses the quilts to symbolize a bond between women”(1). “They had been pieced by Grandma Dee and Big Dee and me had hung them on quilt frames on the front porch and quilted them”. With the information given by Walker in the story, I can say that family meant everything to Mama’s family and being able to leave behind something that could be treasured by generations to come was a blessing. The bonding between relatives is inevitable. To Mama Johnson as stated by David White in his article “’Everyday Use’: Defining African-American Heritage” mean a great value to her.”The quilts have a special meaning to mama. When she moves up to touch the quilts, she is reaching out to touch the people whom the quilts represents”(1). In the story Mama Johnsons states “They had been pieced by Grandma Dee and then Big Dee and then me had hung them on quilts frames on the front porch and quilted them .”The quilts passed down to mama mean so much to her because it is like she has a piece of her family members.
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