Symbolism, Personification, And Juxtaposition Essay

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Many poets have the ability to captivate audiences by combining personal experiences with general empathy. The poems these poets create invoke subjective feelings within those who experience them, causing the interpreted meaning of the poems to be largely subjective. An individual’s opinion on a work of literature can only be justified through the means of a critical analysis. The meaning in Amiri Baraka’s poem, “ Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note,” is established through the use of symbolism, personification, and juxtaposition.

“Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note” is developed upon three major symbols; the the ground and wind,the stars, and the clasped hands of the speaker’s daughter. The ground and wind represent evils, tribulations, and the stress that accumulates in common life. The speaker says, “the ground opens up and envelopes me...the broad edged silly music the wind makes when I run for a bus...Things have come to that,” suggesting that the experiences and feelings occur in everyday life and are actually results of themselves. The stars represent human’s tendency to attribute their physical surroundings and experiences to an omnificent power or superstition. The narrator says, “I count the stars...I get the same number...they will not come to be counted...I count the holes they leave.” People who follow religions or philosophies generally base their lives upon principles specific to their beliefs; counting stars is representative of this notion, while…

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