The Symbolism Of Ego In Ayn Rand's Anthem

Throughout the Anthem book, Equality was being rebellious to society through his light. He let this light guide him through the troubling times of persecution. This is why my collage is shaped as a light bulb. Not only does it represent the physical light of the book, but it also shows the symbol of the rebellion of people for their human dignity. The light bulb is so much more than a form of electricity for Equality. Most importantly, ego is the central idea of the book. So, the word “ego” is in the center of my collage. Ego translates to “I” in Latin, but the exact definition is a person’s sense of self-importance. Every person has an ego, but not everyone let's theirs show. In Anthem, society was forbidden to show their ego, so they acted as if it did not exist. In the end, Equality’s sense of ego is what drove him to release himself from a toxic society. Our egos lead us in a path of self-acceptance and perseverance, which is how Equality and Liberty saved themselves. As for transgression, sin, and evil, they all represent the harsh in society. Transgression and sin serve as the acts of committing evil, while evil is an immoral …show more content…
They display ways people can fall in the grouping of people. In Anthem, plenty of those around Equality have already fallen to the society’s expectations. They are mindless faces in the crowd of collectivism and conformity, and they got their by being obedient to their leaders every transgression. Being obedient to a certain level is valuable in order to get on the right track, but society fell much deeper into it. They conform to one another in a way that no one had emotion towards one another. The people became mindless in the fight of being humans as they ensued their bodies to the society of “we”. All in all, society was no longer about the people, it was about the mass of obedience who could do the leaders

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