Symbolism In Trifles And Lamb To The Slaughter

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With every crime there is a motive, In our case the crime is Murder. The motive is not always clear, but it is there. Throughout both stories, there are a vast amount of similarities, differences, and a great deal of symbolism. “Trifles” and “ Lamb to the Slaughter” are both short stories about wives whose husbands mysteriously ended up dead, and it seems that the case justs can 't be cracked. Sometimes Mr.Wright isn 't always Mr.Right. Within the story “Trifles” It is not directly said that Mrs.Wright murdered her husband, however she is high on the suspect list. Why would Minnie want to kill the man she married? What many people outside of their world did not know was that the Wright household was not a world of sunshine. Mr.Wright abused …show more content…
With both tales, the symbolism is extremely important in understanding the story. The symbolism in Trifles starts with Minnie’s Canary. This bird symbolized Beauty, life and happiness, this of which was lacking in Minnie’s life. The bird’s song represents minnie 's life before she was married to Mr.Wright when she was free and able to sing. Thus this means that the Cage represents the union of Mr and Mrs. Wright and how she changed. John was never fond of the singing, so as a final act, he silenced the bird aswell, this meaning is highly important because it is telling us that Mrs.Wright is being abused. Looking at the quilt that she had been working on, you can see that the stitching goes from clean and perfect to messy and quick. This shows Minnie 's progression from a happy, sane lifestyle to complete a mental break down. In most homes, the heart of the home is the kitchen, and signs of an unkept and bare kitchen shows that the home life is unhappy and is empty, the broken jars on minnies countertops show that her life is broken and the cold tells us that the life and home has no love and is cold hearted. Trifles is filled with Symbolism at every corner, however in “Lamb to the Slaughter” the symbolism is rooted in the title and the characters. “Lamb to the Slaughter” is a bold title that truly symbolizes that something that is innocent is happily making its way to a negative situation. At first glance, many think that the wife is the lamb, but in all actuality it is the husband who is, and evidently lead to the slaughter. Not only does the lamb in this story represent Patrick but it also represents the officers that are investigation the murder, they follow his wife and clean the evidence for

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