Symbolism In The Tiger's Wife By Téa Obreht

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The last hard copy piece of literature I read was the novel called “The Tiger’s Wife” by Téa Obreht. It is a 337 page literary fiction, involving magical realism, politics, and the supernatural. I read “The Tiger’s Wife” for english class and it took about one or two months to read the book. Although this is true, if I truly had time to read it without making annotations and journal entries, it would have taken only one day to read.The novel includes four important characters; Natalia, Natalia’s grandfather, the tiger’s wife, and Gavran Gailé. Natalia is the protagonist, a doctor trying to find the truth about her grandfather’s lies and stories. The story involves her memories of her grandfather, a doctor who passed away due to cancer. Over his lifetime, he has met with multiple unique individuals such as the deathless man and the tiger’s wife. He is essentially the connection between the three main stories within the novel; the deathless man, Natalia, and …show more content…
Chapters transition from one story to another, making it hard to understand what time period and setting the chapter or scene is placed in. For instance, there were even chapters where they give backstories to minor character such as the butcher. This strays from the concept of Natalia going back in her memories to decipher her grandfather's lies from truth, as she would not know this information. Also, some chapters are set during world war 2 while others are set years after the croatian war. If the novel was more organized, I would have been able to focus more on the message each character and chapter illustrates instead of focusing on trying to understand what the chapter is about or where the scene is set. Therefore, I would recommend the novel to someone only if that individual can overlook the rambling within some chapters and the constant setting

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