Symbolism In The Lottery

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Symbolism is ubiquitous in your everyday life, whether it’s during work, at the gym or even in a cafeteria. Symbols are everywhere where you least expect them. Most likely they are hidden symbols with a even deeper meaning than what you might observe at first glimpse. Many stories involve symbolism for a specific reason , whether it's to make a point or to give a overall meaning. For example, In the story “The Lottery”, symbolism is one of the main ideas that the author gets her point across. Symbols shaped her story for readers to understand the idea behind the symbols she used. Trying to understand a story is hard when you cannot identify the symbols as well as the mood, and certain symbols. One of the best ways to understand a story is …show more content…
Many times you can tell the mood behind a story by the symbols used in the text. For example, you might be reading a story and the author repeatedly uses the color black. He uses descriptions of black birds and a black cloud-as these are symbols. These symbols create a gloomy, sad, or even evil mood to a story. When writing a story you must make sure your symbols all come together, are well thought and planned out. Symbolism connects the whole story together, you cannot force it or careless use them or it will disconnect the reader. Even though many times the symbols in stories are overlooked, they still add a little spice to the story helping give off contact clues to the mood. Like in the story “The Lottery by Shirley Jackson ” she used many symbols to show the mood in the story and how it changed. One example is “They grinned at one another humorlessly and nervously. Then Mr. Adams reached into the black box and took out a folded paper.” which gives off the mood of doubtful or suspicion. The symbol used was the black box, creating already a negative effect about the box. Followed by the contact clues of humorlessly and nervously adding the rest of the effect. Symbolism is also a great way to develop the mood because using symbols hints towards the mood, like a hidden message. Instead of the author coming out and blunty telling the reader the mood, the author adds a bit of mystery and uses symbolism. Using symbols in a text are the best way to create a mood because it's open veristality to interpretations from the

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