Symbolism In The Gatorade

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Register to read the introduction… Thus the tainted Gatorade is showcased as the physical manifestation of Jason’s self- centered pleasure seeking.
Though the Gatorade starts out as nothing more than a symbol of
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Boyle illustrates Paula in a way that is contradictory to Jason. Paula “got up, hunching her shoulders as if she could compress herself into invisibility…and she wasn’t going to make eye contact, she wasn’t” (Boyle 162). Paula’s body language in this scene is introvert and reclusive. Her inability to raise her gaze as Jason’s hand leads her across the black and white checked tile floors is reflective of her inability to overcome her personal struggles. Paula is obviously terrified of the idea of confronting her competitor Zinny, but Jason remains to do nothing to help her fear. Instead he leads a fight with Zinny’s accompaniment, Armin, and is forced by staff to leave the restaurant. According to Boyle, Paula “melted away and kept on melting until she found herself behind the wheel of the car…looking for Jason” (Boyle 163). The next night Jason approaches Paula’s home unannounced and sweet-talks her into letting him in. After Paula refuses sex several times, Jason finally gets his way when Paula gives in. This illustrates Paula as weak …show more content…
Paula too stayed in the relationship in order to give herself a feeling of empowerment. While controlling the couple’s activities and their outcomes provided a sense of empowerment for Jason, Paula gained a different sense of empowerment merely by being in a relationship with Jason and hanging around with his friends. “When she was in training, which was all the time now, she couldn’t help feeling a kind of moral superiority to anyone who wasn’t—and Jason most emphatically wasn’t. He was no threat” (Boyle 159). For Paula, a consistent triathlon and marathon runner, hanging around a beer bellied surfer and his bar rat friends was an easy win for her self-esteem. Rather than deal with possible defeat by her rival Zinny, Paula spends time with lazy non-competitors and in contrast seems like the pinnacle of athletic perfection. Hiding from the pressure of her urge to compete like this means that even as Paula is training to strengthen herself physically she is mentally weakening

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