Symbolism In On The Lake

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While reading novels and books, the reader's emotions will be set on a rollercoaster. If you had to illustrate the feelings you get while reading “On the Lake” by Olaf Olafsson, you would probably be illustrating a frozen ice pond, with you walking on the slippery surface. Suddenly you notice that the surface is cracking with every single step you take. Step after step the cracks become more and more pronounced, and you can only think of two things. First thing being reaching safety, while the second is wondering what made the ice start cracking? Splasch! Suddenly, you fall through the thick layer of ice covering the beautiful blue water underneath. Though the water isn't near deep enough to drown in, the shock of the cold water flowing beside …show more content…
In the story “On the Lake” Vilhelm is described as being just all those things. In the story Oskar is asked if he wants to do a few turns, on the water, by his son Jonas. This ends in a disappointment as Oskar isn't as good as “...the man in the white boat” (Line 49). The boat capsizes in an attempt from Oskar to furthermore impress his son. Luckily rescue came. as the man from the white boat being Vilhelm, had been watching them. Vilhelm is being fascinated by Jonas. After the boat capsized Oskar had no more strength to help his son. He used the last of his strength to safe himself leaving his son. This is the point of no return in the story, because that shows us that Oskar is acting selfish, he does not think of his child in a such dangerous situation. Vilhelm is the hero of the story. He rescues Jonas, when his father left him in the water. Vilhelm also seems really faithful and sensible. When Vilhelm says “when u capsized” (L. 85) something touches Margret. She had no clue of the incident and asks Oscar what happened. He answers with a lie “I really don't know, I turned and must have been hit broadside by a wave...” Vilhelm knows this is a lie, and therefor corrects Oskar, with details from the incident. Vilhelm enyoys correcting Oskar, and putting him in bad light. It could be vilhelm's intentions all along to create conflicts between Margret and Oskar, perhaps to get Margret

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