Lolita Character Analysis

Lolita has shown to have budding sexual awareness. However, it is also clear that she is being manipulated by somebody older and wilier. Part of the power of the novel is how manipulative Humbert Humbert is, and how you almost start to feel sympathy for him but then he is so weird and horrific, and you feel the creepy and horrible so much. So the fact that he is blaming her for tempting him makes it clear that it is just the other way around. She is a developing girl and this is a part of her development; he's a part of the patriarchy, taking advantage, with society and her mother's okay. Also, she suffers from abuse but does manage to leave Humbert Humbert.
The author presents the image of the narrator, Humbert, and, Lolita, as a symbol
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Humbert thought that going to Lolita’s place and telling her about the horrible news they have her reaction may affect her on her future. John said, "Well, you are the doctor" (101). Despite the fact that Humbert Humbert is an arrogant man, he tries to show his modesty but his self-interests and this air of being a well-educated man make him unreliable. The writer is stripping the bourgeoisie. Disappointment comes to the reader with Humbert Humbert, and therefore, the fortunate bourgeoisie he represents. Humbert Humbert scopes Ramsdale with an annual payment of some means from a dead rich American uncle. Lolita was raised on placing on airs of being wealthier and more urbane in a middle class house. Lolita is at the bottom place of the position for her gender and age, but her consumerism makes her suppression all the more problematic to overcome. She is "a modern child, an avid reader of movie magazines, an expert in dream-slow closeups," (49) which gave her idealistic expectations of love’s value and places her directly, a priori of Humbert’s efforts, in the object position. Lolita feels comfortable in material things, objects with no true use-value: movies, magazines, clothes, etc., and throws irritabilities on a regular basis. She had thrown one such outburst after her friend was sick and their lake picnic had to be suspended, declining to go to church with …show more content…
It begins with him using magazines and popular songs to forge a connection with her, and not long after coming to know her, he begins to get the notion that she might be induced (53). To Humbert Humbert, Lolita is a "nymphet," a devil child whose "true not human" (16) place in earth to satisfy his dark sexual needs. To Humbert Humbert, Lolita is a commodity. In fact, the term “nymphet” itself could be read as a sort of brand name. From the start of their relationship's change from friendly tenant and land lady's daughter to the incestuous one of predator stepfather and enslaved stepdaughter, Humbert Humbert sets a standard of skill on their relations. He transubstantiates Lolita's figure into something that has an exchange value by first showering her with gifts, a "treasure box" of new clothes, before raping her for the first time (120). The exchanges of material goods for sex continues for two and some years; on their long and winding road trip, Humbert Humbert stops at whatever tourist attraction Lolita wants to see, just "to keep [his] companion in passable humor from kiss to kiss" (154). After "a particularly violent morning in bed," Humbert Humbert would recompense, or "pay" Lolita by letting her visit an attraction on her own (159- 160). These material gifts were soon given in addition to actual monetary payment, an "allowance, paid to her under the condition she fulfill

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