Theme Of Symbolism In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

*CRASH CRASH BANG* is the sound of the first thing the comes to mind when someone hears the word symbol. But symbols are much more than a percussion instrument, they are hidden connections from objects to deep thought. Whether we are aware of them or not, symbols influence our lives everyday. Symbols can range from as obvious as a red light to as deep as some literary works. No matter how much people try, it is inevitable that people will interacts with multiple symbols daily. In the short story Metamorphosis the main character Gregor wakes us to discover he has transformed into a bug. This is arguably the biggest symbol in the book and can have many interpretations. Gregor’s life revolves around his obsession with goals. His essence embodies …show more content…
Merriam Webster Dictionary defined his occupation as: “a traveling representative of a business concern who solicits orders usually in an assigned territory”(Traveling Salesman). Gregor’s job took up almost all of his time, his mother made a statement to Mr. Samsa, Gregor’s boss, saying “It’s almost begun to rile me that he never goes out nights.”(Kafka 10). His mother is even concerned about his dedication to his work. Gregor’s participation in his work is unnatural, it’s his addiction. His job takes away from his ability to make connections and find happiness. Nothing hurt Gregor more than hearing his boss say his work was unsatisfactory in front of his parents without him being able to respond(11). That insult was the first crack made into the wall Gregor built to protect himself from the real world and his essence. The job Gregor pursued is not well like by the masses, and immediately after he realizes that his job as a salesman is terminated, he becomes aware of all the problems in his field. “And all of you know very well that the traveling salesman, who is out of the office practically the whole year round, can so easily become the victim of gossip, coincidences, and unfounded accusations,”(15-16). His unhappiness becomes greater because he is no longer ignorant to downfalls to being a salesman. The only thing that brought Gregor happiness through his work was the fact that he was providing for his family, but after years of him bringing in a steady income for the family it just seemed normal(26). Gregor went under appreciated, which is why he worked so hard at his job and why it consumed most of his thought and time. His transformation into a bug coincides with how Gregor feels, loathsome, depressed and under appreciated. Since Gregor was turned into the lowest of vermin, he became the bottom of the food chain.

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