Symbolism In Human Nature

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Register to read the introduction… Symbolism can be found in many different forms and styles. Many characters express symbolism such as monsters. When you think vampires you think fangs, garlic, and blood. They stand for others things in literature such as exploitation, selfishness, and placing unnecessary desires above the needs of another. Quasimodo and Beauty and the Beast both demonstrate their physical deformities reflect the opposite of the truth, ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside. Another character that is relevant to our human nature is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This shows us that no matter how well you were brought up or what kind of society you live in there is always a monster lurking in each and every one of us. Seasons and weather patterns are not always as simple as summer and spring or as thunderstorms and snow. In literature rain symbolizes a cleansing process, removing of a stain or sin. Fog represents a state of confusion of uncertainty. While fog is about confusion, rainbows show signs of hope and promise. Now snow can have a negative effect or a positive one. The negative effect of snow is it is cold, harsh, and can cause death. Snow can be positive just as rain can be, it can be clean, pure, playful. The four seasons also have their own meanings and symbols. All of them summer, spring, winter and fall can stand for youth, adulthood, middle age, and old age. At the same time spring can symbolize

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