Symbolism In Henry And Lyman's Relationships After War

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Register to read the introduction… When Henry returns home from the war he is a changed man who cannot seem to find himself. By Lyman messing up the car shows Henry how Lyman feels, and he talk to him. Henry said, “When I left, that car was running like a watch. Now I don’t even know if I can get it to start again, let alone get it anywhere near its old condition” (Erdrich 456). With that Erdrich uses the car to portray the relationship Henry and Lyman has after Henry comes from the war. Henry alludes to what condition the car was in before he left for Vietnam and expresses his concern about bringing the car back to its old condition. Erdrich uses symbolism here to express the concerns soldiers have regarding the future of their relationships after war. They fear things will never be the same or even worse, that the relationship itself will become one of the many casualties of

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