Heart Of Darkness Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

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An Author’s Canvas

Heart of Darkness is a novella by Joseph Conrad, that reveals the true nature of imperialism and its merciless idiosyncrasies. Complications of race, power, and insanity are brought too attention and are questioned as the story progresses. Specific, symbolic paintings emerge throughout the novella, representing a deeper meaning and theme of the voyage of Heart of Darkness. There are many artworks that do not take place in the novella but can still represent and embody the major themes of Heart of Darkness. “Annette Seated”, by Alberto Giacometti, is a contemporary painting that was rendered in 1958 and can currently be found in Detroit Institute of Arts in Michigan. This painting illustrates the profound themes in Heart of Darkness and conveys its relation with the novella through its parallel characteristics. Through the artist’s use of specific devices and mediums the painting is conveyed to the viewer in a detailed, vivid illustration. Giacometti’s painting introduces distinctive qualities that alter and shape the viewer’s interpretation. An in-depth analysis of “Annette Seated” reveals a much deeper meaning compared to the observer’s first glance. The composition is very simple. When the viewer first looks at the canvas their gaze is directed to the center of the painting, focusing on the main silhouette
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The premise of light and darkness is illustrated, questioned, and rationalized throughout the novella. “Annette Seated” expresses these major themes of Heart of Darkness in a visual, concrete representation. This painting communicates the insufferable oppression of colonization, but in contrast, portrays the native’s dark, un-civilized behaviors. The novella and the painting, in relation, instill that the interpretation and view of any masterpiece will vary depending on the perspective of the

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