Essay on Symbolism And Symbolism Of Art

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From the towering architecture to the miniscule, yet still culturally important symbols, is it in art that we learn about religion or in religion that we learn about art? In an attempt to understand how ancient peoples would have lived their lives in regards to the afterlife as well as the beliefs that predicated them, we must look at the visual aspects of that culture. For example, the Ancient
Egyptians had some of the world 's greatest feats of artistic skill and it shows; but most of the art was simply decoration or a link to the future; what they really admired was symbolism in art.
From tomb paintings to artifacts that were to have protected them in the afterlife, Ankhs and the
Sphynx, the Egyptians certainly studied and felt strongly about their beliefs. Of course, as with any ancient culture, the life chances of the people who were dead relied on their status when they were alive- after all, not just anybody could be forever buried in a pyramid or had death masks made for them; the quality of your afterlife relied mainly on the quality of your life on earth. The
Christians of ancient Rome, on the other hand, faced adversity more so than the Egyptians did.
Until Constantine was emperor, practicing Christianity had been a crime punishable by death.
Polytheism ruled the ancient world until Emperor Constantine decided otherwise. The art, however, is much more adept at telling the tales of their struggles and at the same time, their devotion to god, and…

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