Symbolism And Symbolism In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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More than likely in every book, novel, article, or story the object or person will have a meaning beyond the text. For example , Amazon 's logo has the title and an arrow pointing from the letter a to the letter z the reason for this is because you can find anything you want on Amazon from the letter A to Z. All in all symbols are used in everyday things from colors to numbers to even logos. You just have to see beyond the text or object in order to see what it symbolically represents. In this 1949 short story by Shirley Jackson, A village of both young children and elders go through a process called the lottery. This event happens every June on the 27th in the middle of the village. As everyone gathered around Tessie Hutchinson was running late since she was at home do chores. Once she got there Mr. Summers began by calling out names to see who was there. …show more content…
As for the three legged stool its symbolized as both manipulation of religion and the holy trinity. Shmoop describes the three legged stool as a support system to “ the black box thus represents the manipulation of religion to support collective violence”. Also a critic named “ Helen Nebeker argues that the three legs of the stool are like the three aspects of the Christian trinity”. The white paper is also symbolized as “ the fragility and feebleness of life”. Finally the last symbolism in the story is the lottery itself. It represents unquestionable traditions, murder and a form of negativity. As Elton Gahr describes the lottery as how “those things which make no inherit sense, yet are done because that is how they have always been done”. One critic from 123helpme said that “The lottery support the idea that everybody hides their evil nature by the of hipocrisy, and their actions” this supports the idea of a form of

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