Essay Symbolism And Significance Of Aztlan

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It 's Symbolism and Significance

I. Introduction The concept of Aztlán represents a belief, a symbol, a rallying cry, a declaration of autonomy, a nation, a journey 's end and a homeland. Perhaps it is more myth than fact. Nevertheless, its importance cannot not be overstated or underestimated. It is representative of the Chicano/a culture and its origins. Aztlán is the spiritual epicenter and ancestral home to fifty-four billion individuals whose Latino heritage defines them. Aztlán’s importance in literary and visual arts continues to be a focal point for Chicano/a artists and authors. Aztlán epitomizes and denotes a historical past brimming with every conceivable human emotion.
II. History According to Nahuatl written and oral stories, Aztlán is the ancestral home of the Aztec people. A component of one of the largest Native American linguistic family, Uto-Aztecan, Nahuatl was the language of the Aztecs. Aztlán means “place of whiteness” or “the place of the Heron”. According to legend, seven tribes lived in Aztlán -Chicomoztoc, or " the place of the seven caves." A Nahua tribe lived in each cave: the Tlahuica, Xochimilca, Tlaxcalan, Chalca, Acolhua, Tepaneca, and Mexica. The tribes migrated from Atzlàn-Chicomoztoc to the central basin of Mexico in a succession of waves. They were preceded by another group of tribes, thought to be uncivilized, collectively known as the Chichimecas. The Aztecs were the last tribe to make the journey in approximately 1113 AD.…

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