Symbolism And Representation Of Art Essay

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Art History Final Paper
Often times in art work we will see the artist use symbolism and representation instead of just coming out and saying or putting exactly what they mean. Symbolism means an artistic movement o style using symbolic images to express ideas. Symbolism is a very popular choice and you will see many pieces of work with it. Representation is just like symbolism and portrays as another object and is also very popular in artwork.
An example of symbolism and representation is in “The Artist in His Museum” by Charles Willson Peale. Peale was known for his self-portraits but this one was a different from his others. This piece was a way for him to look back at all his accomplishments. He use symbolism to show his accomplishments by having himself standing with his painting supplies but not holding them while he holds up the curtain that has the first public museum that he helped open behind it. Another use of symbolism he chooses to use was the way he put the animals and the portraits in the cases. He shows that humans are above all animals because we are on top of the chain. He represents the animals below in their cases while in oval shaped frames above those are portraits of people he thinks are important. Also in the painting there are 4 people that represent 3 different functions of the museum. There is a man standing silent and has a look of contemplation, which represents the meditative function the museum has. There is another man walking with a boy point…

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