Symbolism And Irony In The Story Of An Hour

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Many of the stories we read include a lot of symbolism and irony to explain the story better and with more explanation to get the bigger picture. In literature we use many literary techniques.They can use many things to describe or use symbolism. Such as, a piece of jewelry , piece of antique or a certain color, etc. There are many things you can use to represent symbolism through a story. Irony is also most commonly used in many stories. It can a lot of meaning to a certain specific thing or object that can be seen and thought of as trash or useless. They may use
Dramatic Irony, Situational Irony, and Verbal Irony. There are many different variety of ironies. For example, Situational Irony is when a bad tragedy has occurred and the person
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The Story of an Hour is about Mrs.Mallard who deals was a heart condition and her husband dies and Mrs.Mallard ironically is happy and comes to realize he’s still alive and dies of the Joy That Kills. In
“The Story of an Hour”, everyone is sad and worried for Mrs.Mallard when
Alvarez 5 she leaves up stairs crying. They were not aware that it was because she was so happy to at last be free from her marriage. “Everything that she is experiencing through her senses suggested joy and spring time for Mrs.Mallard”(Spark Notes). Mrs.Mallard was so full of joy because her husband would no longer be around and she would become more independent. That was a symbol of her marriage not being so perfect and what everybody thought it was.She was not happy where she was. Another example of symbolism was the armchair , which she sat in when she first heard the news. She described it as being so comfortable and feeling so good to sit in it. That was ironic cause instead of being sad or devastated she was talking about the chair. According to the article (Bright Educators) , the armchair symbolizes the comfort of her life now that her husband had died and she felt peaceful and a great relief. The literary
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The Open Window was also another symbol of emotion in the way that now
Mr.Mallard had died and she was free at last and can be able to live her life freely.
“Freedoms and opportunities that await her after her husband had died” (Spark Notes).
Mrs.Mallard having a heart condition was part of verbal irony. Mrs.Mallard being happy and feeling free after her husband had died was a situational irony , because in that situation she should have reacted very differently from the way she was taking it. There was also Dramatic Irony with her saying “Free At Last!” “In The Story of an Hour” , and when she walked up stairs and no one was there or to follow her on the way up. A wife is not supposed to react the way she did , it is so she would have been sad and feeling like she was losing it but instead she was happy and
Alvarez 7 so full of joy. Which frightened everybody and the sister cause of the way she was acting about the death of her husband. Her sister Louise was feeling weird and suspicious about how Mrs.Mallard actually felt about the death of her husband and if she was acting right about it . Because she saw she was not upset or affected in

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