Symbolism : A Rose Of Emily Essay examples

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Symbolism has many of ways to be expressed. It is shown in numerous of books, poems, short stories, and in almost every type of literature. In the story I just read, “A Rose of Emily”, had many different examples of symbolism. Death can be symbolized as black and dark. Anyone can use symbolism in anyways they wish. It’s to show ideas and qualities.
A Rose of Emily was a story told in the south. She was a young woman that lived with her father that was dominant and over protective. Miss. Emily was never allowed to date or see any other male. Her father passed away while they were eating lunch, and since she was never on her own she didn’t know what to do. Emily kept her father’s decomposed body for 3 days. When she was forced to give up his body she went crazy. Emily was rarely seen leaving her house it was always Toby, their slave, which would come in and out. A man named Homer Barron a Yankee came and Miss. Emily fell in love. Homer was the man she always wanted but things took a turn for the worst. She started hearing rumors and stories about Homer 's interest. The man didn’t want the attention of a woman he was into males. Emily went to buy poison and well we all know for what she wanted it for. Since Emily knew that she wouldn’t have Homer beside her she took matters into her own hands. She went ahead and bought a wedding dress and his wedding suit. After Homer went into the house he was never seen again and neither Miss. Emily. She had killed Homer Barron and slept…

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