Symbolism : A Rose For Emily Essay

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In the story “A Rose for Emily” it has many symbols that gives the story a new meaning. Symbols are used to show a hidden meaning to the story. It also helps you understand the story in a whole new perspective. Which is what the author is trying to do so you understand the story easier than it is. For example, a lion can mean like a king or power. Symbols are used in everyday life like shapes, monuments, or art. An example for it is the monuments or statues they have so many meanings like loyalty or a heroic deed.
In the short story “A Rose for Emily” it tells a story of woman whose name is Emily Grierson who is isolated from everyone since her father Mr. Grierson is a very strict and over protective man. Well Mr. Grierson had told a tale that he loaned money to the town so Emily doesn’t have to pay taxes. At one point in the story Mr. Grierson passes away which leaves Emily alone and she has no clue what to do so she keeps her father body exactly where he died. Since she can’t let go of the people she loves and can’t accept the future so she sorts of begins having a necrophilia attitude. Soon after her father’s passing a man comes to town named Homer Barron, and he is Yankee which is new for the whole town. Well he meets Emily, and they soon start hanging out with each…

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