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 Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis SOC/100 February 13, 2013 In the movie THE TITANIC the perspective view of conflict is very evident throughout the movie. From the point where they board the ship to the sinking of the ship we see how class structure is important and is enforced. The lower class are allowed on the ship but it is also expected that they will know there social place. In the movie there are few scenes that emphasis the

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In the surrounding of the ship we see that the wealthy do whatever they wanted to, Jack is even arrested because he is setup by Cal. The lower class seemingly had no rights and had to come to accept it. “I know how the world works. I've got ten bucks in my pocket, I have no-nothing to offer you and I know that”. (Jack Dawson, The Titanic 1997).
The interpretation of the behavior seen in this movie still take place in today’s society. The conflict perspective proves that the social class still exists, it was more obvious on the movie but as we look at society right now we see it. The social elite get away with crimes the lower class cant. The social elite believe that because of whom they are that they are entitled to certain perks and put themselves above the lower class. The lower class has come to accept or expect that the upper class will get away with things that they would not. Society today seems to just have accepted their roles. Wealth and power is still used to control the poor and weak. The social elite still looks down and scoffs at the lower class, while the lower class consider the upper class to be arrogant and pompous.
In conclusion The Titanic is a love story but the movie also highlights the conflict perspective society. Cal uses his power, money and influence to try and control Jack and Rose.
The attitude and behavior of the upper class in clearly shows that they are
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