Symbolic Interactionism : Research Plan Essay

996 Words Sep 28th, 2015 4 Pages
Rayshaun Phillips
Prof. Theodore Prassinos
ENG 3010
27 September 2015

Symbolic Interactionism – Research Plan My area of interest is Symbolic Interactionism which is a social psychological theory originated by George Robert Mead. The theory focuses on how humans give meaning to the world about them through symbols and interaction. Based on this theory, humans live in a world that is mostly socially constructed. I chose this topic because it contributes to the learning how of how people move in situations, in learning about themselves and how society influences them. The topic I chose is interesting because it helps explain and give a meaning of clarity to how people interact with one another and how society molds the individual; it is something that everyone can benefit from when it comes to trying to understand their fellow man. Because of the intricacy yet simplicity of two-way communication, there are many things that can disrupt the flow of communication and interaction. The theory of symbolic interactionism draws on three important parts: meaning, language, and thought. People assign different meanings to objects or people they come into contact with and act differently depending on the specific meaning they 've given that person or thing. To express themselves to each other, people create language as a set of symbols to give names to the different meanings we find in the world. Finally, people use thought to examine their beliefs and change their interpretation of…

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