Symbolic Interactionism And Police Brutality

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“The topic of police brutality has attracted a substantial amount of scholarly attention over the last few decades (i.e. Frank 2009; Hickman et al. 2001; Holmes et al. 2008; King 2009; Wolfe and Piquero 2011). Yet, many scholars assert that theory-based research has only recently emerged to specifically explain this police behavior (Chamlin 1989; Hickman et al. 2001; Lersch 1998; Wolfe and Piquero 2011). There are theorists of various orientations who seek to attribute causality for police violence (i.e. Holmes et al. 2008; Jacobs and Britt 1979; and Westmarland 2006)(Kwon, 2015).” The closest to the right idea, however, are Mead Cooley, and Blumer with the symbolic interactionism theory. The symbolic interactionism theory most relates …show more content…
Police Brutality is a problem in society because of the increased amount of deaths it has caused in last couple of years. Not only are the deaths a problem, but police brutality also violates civil rights and the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S Constitution. Police Officers have the widest range of deviant acts, ranging from police brutality, police gratuity, police shakedowns, police perjury, police profanity, police misuse of confidential information, and police drinking and abusing drugs on or off duty. However, police brutality can be solved by requiring all possible employees to take a psychological evaluation and pass every aspect of the test. The next step towards a solution to the problem would be requiring each and every police officers to take trainings that will teach officers how to defuse problems without violence, along with training to teach officers how to deal with large crowds and communities in a verbal manner rather than violently. The final solution to end the problem of police deviance is to enforce a law that will require all on duty officers to wear a body cam at all times. By implementing these solutions police brutality should no longer be a problem and society would be a better

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