Essay on Symbolic Interactionism And Functionalism Of Modern Day

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1. The two contemporary perspectives I chose for this assignment are Symbolic Interactionism and Functionalism.

2. I plan to dissect the two perspectives and apply them to the modern world with a focus on sexism. In this paper, I will discuss the silent battle between the two genders in modern day.

3. Symbolic interactionism is easy to understand when we compare it to a theatre play. In class, we discussed how “actors” create social norms and abide by them and the “actors” who don’t abide by them are seen as outcasts or are no longer active participants in the play. Some theorists who enforce the laws associated with symbolic interactionism include Herbert Blumer and Arile Hochschild. In Society as Symbolic Interaction (1962), Blumer enforced the idea that humans interpret actions and use that as a way to act towards individuals or a situation that requires communication. Like the theory, Blumer focuses on the macro-level, such as the group, versus the micro-level which are the individuals. On the other hand, the term functionalism is loosely defined as everyone having and needing a function in life. If one doesn’t complete their function, it interrupts society and causes a disruption. Many theorists who supported the ideas of functionalism are criticized for lacking attention to the self. Theorists such as, Emile Durkheim and Aguste Comte, known as the “fathers of functionalism”, were able to apply this theory directly to society and fought to justify it.

4. There…

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