Sylvia Plath 's Life And Life Essay

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Sylvia Plath , not being the only American writer, was considered to be the best dramatization writer. Her childhood was like everybody’s , a childhood full of books and a desire to touch the sky with their fingertips . Sylvia Plath’s works were phenomenal, which were based on her life.Sylvia Plath was a great writer that ended her life at a young age, but who is now honored as been the “patron saint of self-dramatization” and self pity. Sylvia Plath was born during the Great Depression on October 27,1932 in Jamaica Plain, Boston Massachusetts. Her parents were Aurelia Schober Plath, the first generation American of Austrian descent ,and Otto Emile Plath, an immigrant from Grabow, Germany.In April 1935 Sylvia’s brother Warren was born ,and in 1936 the family moved to Winthrop ,Massachusettsets. In 1940 her dad died a week and a half after her birthday, and in that same year at the age of eight Sylvia Plath published her first poem . She was a gifted and troubled poet, and after publishing a number of works she won a scholarship to Smith College in 1950.Plath was an outstanding student and while she was still in college, she wrote her first fiction story, “Sunday at The Mintons.” During the summer after her third year of college , she won a job as “guest managing editor” at the magazine. She continued her career and wrote and published in both the college newspaper and in large circulations including “seventeen”,and “The Christian Science Monitor’ She…

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