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SEMESTER 3, 2013
1/ Ngo Thi Tuyet Mai (Assoc. Prof, Ph.D)
Phone: 0904324282
2/ Tran Thi Thu Trang (M.A)
Phone: 0989886107
3/ Nguyen Bich Ngoc (PhD. Fellow)
Phone: 0919956929 CLASS HOURS: | 1-3, Monday, D2-203 | OFFICE: | Building 7, Room 307 & 310 | OFFICE HOURS: | Appointments are usually available | ------------------------------------------------- | |
Course Description:

This course is designed for International Business Management major who will ultimately be engaged in doing
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Students will be engaged in an intensive discussion and critique of the nature of proposals and the process of writing them, based on assigned readings. They will also be put through an equally intensive, hands-on exercise in proposal writing in an open learning environment.

The students must keep up with readings and participate into the general discussions on the material presented in class.

Method of Instruction:

The method of teaching will be a combination of lecture, examples, group exercises, case studies and class discussions. The students will be encouraged to contribute their ideas, comments, suggestions, questions and share their experiences and problems.

Course Objectives:
This course aims to improve the students’ understanding of international business letters, commercial documents under the UCP, and international investment project proposals in English, and skills to put it into practice efficiently. After studying this subject, the students should be able to 1. Understand the language of international business letters and write some routine international business letters in English. 2. Understand the language of commercial documents and develop some commercial documents in English 3. Understand the formulation of project proposals and write small project proposals in English
Course Topics:
The course will cover the following parts:
Part 1:

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