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Entrepreneurship and New Product Development
Winter 2015
Draft Syllabus
January 2015


Farhad D. Rostamian, PhD., MBA

Office and Office Hours: By arrangement
Teaching Assistant: TBD
Messages: Valerie Myers, (310) 206-3011,
Enrollment: Open enrollment.
Time: Wednesdays, 4 to 7 PM
First Class meets: Wednesday, January 7
Room: Anderson Complex, Cornell Hall, D-307
Course Description
New products are the lifeblood of any corporation and the cornerstone of any economy.
Without expanding the product portfolio, any modern corporation can quickly succumb to competition and lose significant market share, or even be totally dis-intermediated. This
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Course Objectives
After completing this course, you should have developed a deep understanding of:
Management 163: Entrepreneurship and New Product Development – Winter 2015

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1. Innovation, managing innovation, and relationship between innovation and firms, markets, and economic growth.
2. How to define and develop new technology-based products and business concepts
3. High-tech product development and marketing
4. Business models, scaling and monetization
5. Intellectual property and its protection
6. Product strategy, product platforms, pipeline, life cycle management, transfer to production, supply chain management, and outsourcing
7. Review of start-up / accelerator trends in Los Angeles
8. Topics in convergence, digital media, social media
Texts and Course Materials:
Optional Text:
Bringing New Technology to Market, Kathleen R. Allen.
ISBN-10: 0130933732 • ISBN-13: 9780130933737
©2003 • Prentice Hall • Paper, 367 pp

Mandatory Course Material:
Course pack, listed below, included cases and articles from Harvard Business School as well as many other sources. This is the mandatory list and primary course material. All students must obtain these papers, cases and articles. The link to obtain most of the articles at Harvard Business
School site is: Please see next page for

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