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Syllabus-APR 2014
MKT/421 - Version 12
School of Business
MKT/421 Version 12
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Course Description
This course involves an integrated analysis of the role of marketing within the total organization. Specific attention is given to the analysis of factors affecting consumer behavior, the identification of marketing variables, the development and use of marketing strategies, and the discussion of international marketing issues. Policies
Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies contained within the following two documents:
• University policies: You
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1.5 Create a marketing plan.
1.6 Identify quantifiable elements that can be used to evaluate, monitor, and control marketing effectiveness.
Syllabus-APR 2014
MKT/421 - Version 12
Reading Read Ch. 1 of Basic Marketing.
Reading Read Ch. 2 of Basic Marketing.
Reading Read Ch. 1 of Marketing Management.
Reading Read Ch. 2 of Marketing Management.
Reading Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.
Participation Participate in class discussion. 3 of 7 days 2
Respond to weekly discussion questions. Days as noted 6
DQ /
Reference Utilization. To help you learn to locate and use the
Library please choose a marketing journal from the list provided in the Reference Assistance Post in the Course Materials forum.
Choose a topic of interest to you and post a brief summary and analysis of your chosen article in 200-400 words. Marketing journals can be an excellent additional source for work in this course.
Day 7 4
Learning Team
Learning Team
Create the Learning Team Charter. Post the completed charter to the team assignments page.
Day 7 2
Learning Team
Marketing Plan
Your Learning Team must create a new product or service for an existing organization and complete assignments related to creating a
Marketing Plan. These assignments culminate in the Marketing Plan:
Final Paper and

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