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SWOT Analysis of JavaNet Internet Café BUS/210 November 20, 2011

SWOT Analysis of JavaNet Internet Café JavaNet Internet Café is a new business venture that offers Internet access accompanied by quality coffee and bakery products in an upscale environment. This café will be the first of its type in the community. After reading the business plan for this establishment a SWOT analysis was created. This analysis exposes the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths JavaNet offers a unique experience for customers wanting Internet time away from home, and it will be the first of its kind in the community of Eugene. JavaNet will offer knowledgeable, trained, and
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The cost related to keeping up with the rapid changes in technology is also a main weakness. These costs include the computer hardware, the computer programs and applications, and the technicians required to maintain and upgrade the system. These costs need to be addressed to ensure they will not take away from other areas of the business, such as the quality coffee and bakery products. The business plan also states that the company will offer entertainment that will attract new customers. This should be addressed in more detail to understand how this will be accomplished, and what type of entertainment, related to the Internet, will be used to attract new customers. Opportunities JavaNet has an opportunity to be the first of its kind in a community. This will help the company capitalize in its beginning opening quarters. The continued growth of the Internet will attract more people who want Internet experiences away from home and in a social atmosphere. As the amount of Internet users grow, so should the customers who want to use the resources JavaNet has to offer. JavaNet offers an opportunity to novice users of the Internet. Introductory classes are offered to teach first time users how to use the Internet. This will encourage new customers who will be loyal to the business that introduced them to the product. Teaching people how to use the Internet will widen the target market

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