Swot and Pestle Analysis of Coca Cola Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY---------------------------------------------------------------------page 3
INRODUCTION--------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 4
INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS---------------------------------------------------------------page 5
EQUIPMENT-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 5 to page 6
TECHNICAL FACILITIES----------------------------------------------------------------------page 6
ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURES------------------------------------------------------------page 7 to 8
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Equipment: We know that equipments are an integrated part for a company to run their business. Equipments play a vital role in a performance of a company. For COCA COLA company equipments are very important because they are serving a large number of people every day.
The bottling partners of COCA COLA play an important role to serve the people. The bottling partners of COCA COLA are responsible for packaging, distributing and merchandising the beverage products. So they are very much careful about manufacturing the products and they use the best equipment to ensure the quality of the COCA COLA’s products. For using superior bottle and for using superior equipments the publicity of COCA COLA’s beverages are increasing day by day. As a result COCA COLA is now one of the largest brand names in the world and they have got a great amount of revenue last year. While the COCA COLA system is not a single entity from a legal or managerial perspective

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