Swot Analysis: Utah Opera Strengths

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Register to read the introduction… They also have costume assets valued at 4.8 million and a production studio on 2.9 acres of land. This decreases the cost of program expenses. The UOC has seen continued growth in productions and fundraising. They get a good return on their fundraising investment, as their costs are relatively low ($210,031 compared to the USO at $1,164,026). They also have support from local and national organizations.

As far as leadership goes, Anne has a lot of experience with the Opera. She has helped reduce their debt while increasing the budget. She grew it from $1.5 million to $5 million during her 11-year tenure. She has been responsible and very successful at increasing the fundraising income (including donations from outside the state. Even the projected contributions is expected to increase by $653,954). She has a reputation of being loyal, enthusiastic and very well capable. For example, she inherited a debt of $450,000 from her predecessor while in Boston. Not only did she retire that debt, but she also created an endowment fund and increased the number of productions from one to three. Overall projections are expected to increase by
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Leslie Peterson resigned as the Director of Operations at the beginning of the merger proposal. Being the daughter of the founder, Glade Peterson, essentially gave a black eye about the merger from a public perspective. This created an even bigger hill to climb for Anne Ewers as she knew the success of the merger was riding on the support of the community.

Key Steps for Utah Opera

Anne needs to find a way to increase performance revenue. This could include increasing ticket prices, increasing the number of performances, renegotiating the cost of rental at the Capital Theatre or even renting a different location at a lower cost for those performances. She should also continue to apply for government grants regardless of being turned down before or not.

Ms. Ewers needs to gain the trust of the community. She could do this by inviting key supporters into the merger process to alleviate the fear that the Opera will get lost in the merger or become subjected to the larger Orchestra and their mission. Since the departure of Ms. Peterson, Anne should quickly promote from within and take advantage of the leadership talents that other members of the organization have in technical and relational skilled

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