Swot Analysis : The 10 / 90 Rule Essay

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The 10/90 rule explains about how a Web Analyst leverages the gap between Technology, Process and People. As technology is required to capture the data, and technology is necessary to actually access and crunch the data. Technology alone, especially when it comes to data, is a critical component, but it is by no means the dominant part of the triangle. Most of the fortune 500 companies think of People first, then the Process and finally Technology. The strategic planning Business objectives are Key performance indicator (KPI), Smart Social media monitoring, Web analytics, Social media analytics Performance which is derived from 10/90 rule. Introduction
The 10/90 rule explains a metrics between analytic tools and Web Analyst in order to fulfil the objectives for getting Returns on Investment. A metric is a quantitative measurement of statistics describing events or trends on a website. A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that helps you understand how you are doing against your objectives. The objective is critical to something being called a KPI, which is also why KPI’s tend to be unique to each company.
The 10/90 Rule
Data available with the companies is in tera bytes, reports in giga bytes and with mega bytes of Excel and PowerPoint files. There is yet no actionable insights, no innate awareness, of real thing that is going on through the clutter of site clickstream data. Most of the companies spend more than half of their budget on expensive tools, yet they…

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