Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis For Intel And AMD

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6.1. SWOT Analysis for Intel and AMD
Analysis Company Intel i. Strong Brand Reputation
• Largest semiconductor-making company (Ullah & Salam n.d.), 107,600 employees worldwide under the company (Intel n.d.).
• Has largest number of global technology corporations and huge annual profits. The year 2013 net revenue of the company was $52.7 billion (Intel n.d.).
• Initially famous for engineers and technologists, but known as Pentium processors after the launching of ‘Intel Inside’ campaign (Sample of SWOT analysis n.d.). ii. Diversified Products
• Offers various products such as motherboard chipsets, microprocessors, graphic cards and flash memory. iii. Manufacturing of Products Using Own Facilities and Equipments (Riaz 2014).
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AMD refused to pay for the fine about the faulty chips case filed by Quanta Computer as AMD did not found any affected machines or complaints from customers. Furthermore, the complaint made by Quanta is about the ATI RS600ME integrated graphic solution that made its way into various low-end machines and causing heat tolerance problem. The ATI RS600ME is an integrated chipset, which means there is nothing related to the AMD processor chips that brought the laptops to malfunction (Decarlo 2012).

9.2.3. Decision Making for Unstructured Problem
The AMD’s new CEO Lisa Su decided to reduce its workforce in order to reduce costs is considered as linear thinking style decision making. In order to regain its financial equilibrium, AMD has no choice but to reduce its workforce (Pop 2014). As a strategy to drive improved profitability and long-term growth of the organization, AMD started manufacture semi-customer SOCs for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 (RTT News 2014).
9.2.4. Right Decision
The company made the right decision by managing its dependence on laptops and started making chips for video game consoles in addition to PCs (RTT News 2014). As a result, the Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom business unit managed to experience an increase in operating income compared to the second quarter (Pop

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