Swot Analysis : Our Management & Organizational Behavior Course

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In our Management & Organizational Behavior course, we have learned how to successfully conduct a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis analyzes the external and internal environment. The strengths and the weaknesses of a SWOT analysis pertain to the internal factors, while the opportunities and threats assess the external factors. KFIL’s current competitors in the market are Sathavahana Isp, Tata Metaliks, and Srikalahasthi Pipes. There are many attributes that set KFIL apart from its competitors that will be discussed in an overview of the company’s SWOT analysis.
One of KFIL’s main strengths is the quality of the pig iron that the company produces. The company documents its work practices to ensure that the production of its pig iron is made with the best quality. KFIL continuously creates technical and managerial innovations that enhance the quality of production for the pig iron that it produces. Continuous innovations to not only just technical areas but also managerial areas explain KFIL’s commitment to enhancing the organizational structure. In addition to innovations, the company continuously makes improvements to the quality of their products and processes of production. This exemplifies that KFIL knows that its products are of quality, but also that they are aware that continuous improvements need to be made to enhance their products. KFIL also has Quality Assurance Programs in place to ensure the highest quality of purchase materials. Receiving quality materials is…

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