Swot Analysis On Sony

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Securities, Investments, and Other 2016 2015 2014 2013 Change
Balance Sheet 9,069,209 8,360,290 7,737,748 7,118,504 1,950,705
Vertical Analysis 54.69% 52.80% 50.46% 50.09% 4.30%
Horizontal Analysis 127.40% 117.44% 108.70% 100.00% 27.40%
When looking at the vertical analysis of Sony’s balance sheets, the biggest change is in securities, investments, and other, which encompasses the company’s investments, as well as their sales and devaluations. The increase in the percentage of how much of the assets section it encompasses is due to the company’s competition. Due to Microsoft and Apple’s domination of the technology industry and Disney’s increasing hold on movies and other entertainment,
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Over the past four years, long-term debt has decreased significantly, both in amount and in how much it comprises of total assets. While at first glance this looks like a very good thing, the reason for the decrease is due to the face that Sony’s debts are maturing and moving to the current liabilities section of the balance sheet instead. You can see further proof of this by Sony’s gradually increasing current liabilities and the increase in the ‘Current Portion of Long-Term Debt’ account. Luckily, that account isn’t increasing at as high a rate as the long-term debt account is decreasing, which shows that Sony is able to pay off a lot of its debts as the reach …show more content…
In 2013, the account held a negative amount because it was actually a source of income, but recently, it’s become an expense instead. The company’s statements say that this account encompasses the sale of major assets as well as the disposal or impairment of assets. This means that the company’s gains on sales of assets haven’t been enough to counteract the expenses from the impairment of their assets. It’s likely that the drastic change between the 2013 account and the account’s recent years are due to the company’s expenses from managing the Sony hack in 2014 and the resulting fallout over the past few

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