Swot Analysis Of The Energy Drink Industry Essay

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SWOT Analysis of The Energy Drink Industry
The energy drink industry manufactures and produces energy drinks that are proved to accelerate performance of consumers, develop one’s concentration and increase one’s speed of reaction. The energy drink industry, in general, is an aggressive and proactive industry. This is fitting because of the consumer base they are advertising to. If energy drink brands are more aggressive than soda and vitamin water brands, athletes and young people (which is considered the target market) are more willing to purchase energy drinks. The brands within the industry are constantly developing and pushing their specific drinks to sell. Another strength of energy drinks is the design of packaging. Most of the energy drinks available today are assembled with eye-catching, consumer friendly packaging. The packaging usually entices the consumer to purchase the drink without thinking about what the taste would be. Additionally, the brands within the industry are relatively strong. All of the energy drinks within the industry also possess a devoted and committed consumer base that buys their products blindly.
One of the weaknesses associated with the energy drink is the small consumer base that is targeted. Because the industry has such a small consumer base, all of the energy drink companies are competing for the same consumers, thus, it is harder for more brands within the industry to thrive. Additionally, because of this, the…

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