Swot Analysis Of Shopping Center

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Register to read the introduction… Competitor | Value Proposition | strength | Weakness | E-Bay | Full integrated and Global leader in online shopping panelLarge volume processing-Technologically focus and innovative in online shopping | -low cost for entry-flexible and save time-competitive selling price-Wide range of products-enable consumer to compare different price of products-Payment strength and security, credit card or PayPal | -low security and high risk for private seller-not physical touch the goods-gain market share?-can’t try the product | Search engine(Yahoo or Google) located best price at retail online shop | -24/7 shopping experience--Full integrate- Technologically focus and innovative in online shopping | -competitive price and ship globally-under $1000 and no GST charge from Overseas shippingTechnology focus-tools and I phone/smart phone application-online presence- 24/7 | * High risk for shopping online with unknown the online retailer | Shopping miles-online and physical store model | -capture more buyer and 24/7 shopping smarter- Technologically focus and innovative in online shopping | -flexible-full range of products choices | -gain economic right …show more content…
it can attract more tenant to be registered in online mall | Weakness/Opportunities | -reduce employment and keep innovate and promote within the shopping centre | Strength/Threat | -adopt customer and shopping centre loyalty program and discount to attract more consumers walk into the stores-run more activities and event in the shopping centre and attract the families | Weakness/Threat | -provide special deal to repeat customer -focus customer complaint-invest more brand experience and shopping centre experience. User friendly and technology devise install at shopping centre-more playground, it attracts more families-free rent |

Capabilities of the organization

Industry capabilities | Valued by the customers? | Better than the competitor? | Not easily replicated?

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