Swot Analysis Of Sheng Siong Marketing

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Marketing Team Assignment
Product: Mobile Application
Services: Grocery Shopping & Delivery
Muhammad Rizwan Bin Othman (CT0224795)
Norjahan A Mohamad Hussain Abdul Aziz (CT0225749)
Pilaura Aspera Maceren (CT0227387)
Kiong Qiu Yun (CT0222807)
Samuel Chong Jia Wei (CT0223394) Content Page

Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Internal (Micro) Analysis: Customer, Competitor and Company 5
External (Macro) Analysis: PESTEL 8
SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats 10
Marketing Strategy (S, T, D and P) and Recommendations 11
Marketing Mix (the 4 P’s) and Recommendations 13
Conclusion 18

Executive Summary

Based on recent research statistics, Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world at 88%, with 75% of the time spent on the smartphone is on mobile applications. With this mobile trend on the rise, it is not too late for Sheng Siong supermarket to get on the bandwagon with their very own Sheng Siong mobile application.
Sheng Siong first started with a small provision shop in 1985 and it has grown to 33 stores in over thirty years. Mostly found in the heartlands of Singapore, it has over 400 products ranging from fresh produce to general provisions. Sheng Siong recorded $687.4 million in turnover for year 2013. This shows that Sheng Siong even with competitive prices have been profiting.
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For it is restricted only to Singapore, market share is limited. Sheng Siong’s mobile application can saves consumer’s time and the hassle on transport. However, due to weak cyber protection, customers must take into account of certain risk factors in online purchasing. Over the years, Sheng Siong has consistently provided an affordable and lowest price possible for its customers. This resulted in brand perception where seen and deduced as a discounted goods seller and the company may not have the ability in selling high-end and luxury products in the

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