Swot Analysis Of Mamibeka

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PRODUCT STRATEGIES STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Pd.S.1. Mamibeka offers a different flavor using their own special marinate.

Pd.S.2. Barbecue is served in a different way using metal skewer.

Pd.S.3. Reliable suppliers

Pd.S.4. Meat is full of flavor and fresh

Pd.S.5. The quantity of the food is worth the price being paid by the customers. Pd.W.1. Mamibeka offers limited choices in their menu.

Pd.W.2. Food needs to be served hot off the grill because the taste and quality of the food changes. Pd.W.3. Inconsistent in serving size

Pd.W.4. Preparation time takes too long

Pd.O.1. Grill Prince, Kubo Sa Biak Na Bato, Liloan’s Pride Liempo don’t give much consideration to the quality of food they serve. They are inconsistent when it comes to
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Qubiertos, Grill Prince, A la Diane, Uncle Roni’s Pub, and Blue Ginger serve their food in a traditional way using a plate and bamboo sticks for the grilled products.

Pd.O.3. Blue Ginger has inconsistency when it comes to maintaining the freshness of their food.

Pd.O.4. Qubiertos, Kubo Sa Biak Na Bato, and Blue Ginger have inconsistent serving size Mamibeka always serve their food fresh and has a consistent taste. (Pd.O.1., PD.S.1.)

We will be serving our food in a different way by using metal skewers. (Pd.O.2., PD.S.2.)

Having suppliers that are reliable that can meet our demand for quality and fresh food. (Pd.O.3., Pd.S.2.)

Maintain standard measurement of ingredients for consistency. (For one unit) BBQ - 16 inches
Inasal - 100 grams
Liempo – 200 grams
Stuffed Squid – 500 g
(Pd.S.5., Pd.O.4.) Mamibeka always serve their food fresh and has a consistent taste. (Pd.O.1.,
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We’re as the cost per unit of each product is lower; Barbecue’s cost was only 49.62 pesos, 59.31 for Inasal, 30.34 for Liempo, and 178.42 for Stuffed Squid. Due to fluctuating consumer price index in the market, cost can go up unexpectedly and so can the selling price is considered as one of the weakness of our price and also it cannot be offered to all types of social class. Our competitors that offer the same kind of products have higher prices than us and it could be one of our opportunities. Maintaining the cost of production and look for possible alternatives most especially for transportation costs and production costs is one of our strategies to for our weakness-opportunity. Additional to that we could offer smaller serving size in order for the low-budget customers will be able to afford the product to cater more social classes. As an answer for the threats, we could offer price bundling since some competitors offer bundle

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