Swot Analysis Of Lindenwood University 's Business Management Class

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Lindenwood University’s Business Management Class has been involved with a fundraising project in which all classmates will participate at the end of the course. Each classmate has played a key role in planning and organizing the event. Certain classmates have taken a leadership role to ensure the event stays on track. Yet, after being made aware of their competitors, the group was forced to reevaluate their plan. As a group, they set forth the goals to work towards. In the planning phase of management, the goal is to set or decide the specific actions to achieve the task present. The management class individually came up with ideas of what fundraising events they thought the class could participate in as well as what charity the funds would benefit. Then as a group, they debated the pros and cons of each event and charity. In the end, due to time constraints, construction, and availability, Trivia Night was the event selected with proceeds benefiting Got Your Six Support Dogs (GYSSD). By being aware of one of their competitive environments, competitors, The Italian Fest, the group knew that they could not choose the weekend of 9/17, to host their event if they wanted to make a profit.
Now that the group had the main goal, it was time to start organizing the shell of the event. The organizing phase of management requires getting all the available resources together to accomplish the goal. A few classmates called on various halls around town to secure a…

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