Swot Analysis Of Krispy Kreme

5. Krispy Kreme a.) Product: Doughnuts i. Offering
- Signature hot doughnut (tasty)
-They have diff. variety of doughnuts
-the texture of doughnut

ii. Performance -They always provide / offer new cooked doughnuts with their signature great texture products. iii. Aesthetics
- Great aesthetic image too. It’s appealing in the eye. iv. Conformance - They really ensure to conduct and apply their company’s vision and mission for real.
v. Reliability - A mouth-watering doughnuts like krispy kreme will definitely satisfy your cravings. vi. Durability - Great texture and delicious. It can last 3 days but don’t forget to put it in the fridge to maintain the quality and texture of the doughnuts. vii. Special Features
- They have fresh
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• Caramel, Chocolate, Cheddar cheese and cream cheese.

ii. Performance - Well-known brand as a mouth-watering pretzel product.
- The recipe of the product is great (texture and taste). The combination of softness and crispiness of the dough they used is really complimenting the different flavors they offer.
-The packaging is great too. It’s useful and handy. iii. Aesthetics
- Readable display of set menu in the counter and also it’s appealing in the eye even though it’s simple. iv. Conformance - The staff really ensures to do their job properly and apply the company’s rules and regulation in terms of serving the customer and keeping the store sanitarily.
v. Reliability - Auntie Anne’s establishment surely meets the taste likings and preference of those customers who loves churros and pretzel that will satisfy their own cravings and standard. The product’s quality
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Reliability - Icebergs restaurant have a good product quality however, when it comes to customer service they need to focus in improving and managing the employees performance and behavior. vi. Durability - Since they offer cold desserts it is understandable that it easily melted but the good part of their dessert products are the appetizing flavors they serve. The durability of their food entrées is also pleasing and delectable meal. vii. Special Features - They proportionally put the right amount of ingredients to make every spoonful delicious and appetizing for the customer. They offer both Filipino delectable cold desserts and western style sweet ice cream desserts. viii. Serviceability - Icebergs has been serving satisfying meals and dessert however, their customer service approach is lacking in many ways. - They provide delivery services and takes reservation. xiii. Perceived quality - This establishment give a remarkable image to the market not only because of their mouth-watering desserts but also because of the appetizing meals they offer that satisfy lots of customer based on the feedback on the internet except to the service performance of the

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