Jet Blue Marketing Strategy

Marketing and Sales: JetBlue Gone are the days when it would take months to travel across the ocean, and weeks to ride across the country, now all one has to do to reach a destination is hop on an airplane. While many people have personal vehicles, very few own planes. That’s why so many people rely on airline companies such as JetBlue to provide such services. When viewed from a quality, marketing, and sales standpoint JetBlue soars over other airlines with their dedication to high quality goods and services. JetBlue is a model airline company that really raises the standard due to their commitment to quality, superb advertising, affordable prices, and belief in the importance of community and humanity.
One of the most appealing features
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JetBlue’s mission is to bring humanity back to air travel but they also do so on the ground. JetBlue is committed to helping youth with education, the community, the environment and numerous charities. The JetBlue Foundation helps motivate and inspire youth by offering many opportunities to the next generation in terms of education and grants. The community is important to JetBlue. Crewmembers that live in New York, where JetBlue is based, volunteer and do community service projects such as building parks and planting trees. Additionally, this community-centered attitude extends to the many BlueCities JetBlue flies to. Evidently, as a company, JetBlue is more green than you’d expect with their green initiatives and efforts to protect and preserve their many …show more content…
JetBlue outshines the competition by “bringing humanity back to air travel”. They do this by maintaining low fares, affordable prices, and offering excellent customer service as a standard. Also JetBlue is one of the only airlines that have grown organically, meaning they have never merged or acquired another airline. JetBlue chooses to stay independent and keep themselves differentiated from their competitors. Marketing strategies I would do to promote these products services would be to implement sponsorships in Television Programming (i.e. The Amazing Race), product placement in movies and television, host special events inside of major airports. JetBlue partners and engages in programs such as “Live from T5” concert in the airport terminal. I would use these strategies for a word-of-mouth channel to get our product across an international

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