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Register to read the introduction… Now over 200.000 passionate followers are in dialogue with ECCO about shoes.

* The launch of BIOM train - ECCO expanded the BIOM product family with a new member called BIOM Train, designed for all kinds of sports from gym workouts to running. The anatomical last shape is based on 2,500 foot scans and like other BIOM products, the shoe is lightweight and comfortable.

* ECCO Leather charms the Scandinavian fashion press- More than 25 journalists from the Norwegian and Danish fashion media were shown the latest trends and concepts within leather at two press events in June.

* 794 ECCO runners at Xiamen Marathon - Sunday the 2 January saw a blustery, cold start to the 9th Xiamen Marathon. ECCO Xiamen participated with 794 employees, raising money for the ECCO charity fund, which benefits local community groups.

* 2,222 more members of the ECCO family - ECCO welcomes many new and dedicated talents from all over the world and adds 2,222 people to the work force in 2011, and we are now 19,759 employees in total.

* Donation to Japan - Danish Crown Prince Frederik donated 2,400 pairs of ECCO shoes in Japan during his visit to the northeastern region that was so badly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami on 11
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2.3 Communication 10%
You are a newly educated Marketing Manager and are employed with ECCO as trainee.
ECCO sends out newsletters as e-mails to the end users who subscribe via the company website. You are asked to write this month’s newsletter. Your focus is ECCO Walkathlon which is to take place in Esbjerg on July 2nd, Copenhagen 6th of July and Hamburg 21st of July.
Information about the Walkathlon * Tickets bought online or at a store * Price: Adoults DKK 50 or 6 Euro. Children DKK 25 or Euro .- * Purpose: help orphaned children in Burundi, protect the Arctic habitants of the polar bear, give children with heart diseases in Denmark the chance of better life or support a localproject in Poland or Ukraine. * ECCO donates EURO 1,- for every kilometer walked to one of the projects.
Task: Write the newsletter/mail.

The purpose of the project is to train the student:

* To work with a problem formulation with starting point in a specific company and industry. * To be able to use 1st semester theories to describe, analyse and evaluate a company and its

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