Swot Analysis Of Al Fanar Restaurant And Cafe

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Al Fanar Restaurant and Café
1. Market Analysis ( 250 words )
- Market Analysis including market segmentation and competitor target market
- Competitor product strategies- positioning and differentiating features and attributes.
- Competitor place (including distribution strategy)
- Competitor pricing strategy
- Competitor promotional strategies
The Dubai festival city is an amalgamation of the most luxurious destinations for those who have the money to spend. It is one of the biggest mixed use development sites with developments in residential, business and entertainment facilities within the site. Al Fanar restaurant offers a mix of traditional exotic cuisine and excellent service with the sole purpose of giving the customers a taste of the Dubai of 60s in terms of its ambiance as well as the traditional food.
Although Dubai festival city is an attractive destination for entertainment as well business tourists from all over the world Al Fanar offers a unique proposition in terms of its ambiance and the menu containing traditional exotic flavors and dishes. Al Fanar caters to the upper segment of the population although the prices are somewhere between moderate to high but it stand out in itself amongst the retail fast food chains of the West and local brands.
Most of the competitors have focused on a mix of cuisine
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On one hand, I would expand Al Fanar within Dubai and UAE trying to leverage its unique proposition. On the other hand, I would collaborate with the business houses hotels and the commercial giants to with proposition of long term association. These companies can be chosen on the basis of the overseas business and foreigners visiting Dubai on account of business or pleasure. If Al Fanar could get a permanent place in the itinerary of the hotel chains and the global companies it can give Al Fanar a steady source of customers as well as an opportunity to expand the brand recognition

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