Swot Analysis Of Air Asia

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Air Asia (AirAsia Berhad) is a low fare, low cost Malaysian based Airline Company in Association of Southwest Asian Nations (ASEAN). How this journey turned Air Asia to become first number of a low cost airline in 2007 after restructured and re launched. In very small time period Tony Ferenandese covered domestic as well as international market in the good competitive atmosphere. Target was Low cost and Low fare airlines with no frills and provide the high value to customers. The mission of AirAsia after 2001 would become “Anyone can fly”. As it becomes the best in domestic industries and when it starts expanding business internationally how the planning changes. How they enter into this market and what are the new strategy require for that. …show more content…
So from this help the strategy developed to become the low rate and low cost no frill airline of the Malaysia. The world trade center collapsed in 2011 is useful for Air Aisia as in that year the leasing and operating cost is decreases. There are only three different type of fare is offered. If we talk about the marketing, Air Asia offers internet booking and even the ticketless travel. So this becomes easy for traveller who wants the cheap journey. This comes into the functional level as Air Asia provide the same service like competitor but slightly low …show more content…
So the effectively people travelled by air internationally. After success in domestic airline as in 2001 the worlds no 1 low cost airline want to entered into a internatonal market with using joint venture for Thailand and Indonesia with the Thai Airasia, Indonesia AirAsia.
The ability to become the competitive with using different and innovative ideas. Acceptation the joint venture the international airline also adopt the low cost strategy like Singapore airline established the low cost tiger airline, Australia announced the low cost Quants airline. Also introduce the GO holiday airline in limited time of period. In 2007- 2008 “to malasiya with love” camaping strats for some time of period from that people who want to visit all the places of Malaysia and
3. Competitive advantage
The Air Asia low cost carrier airline which is working in 21 countries with 71 destination include international and domestic flight so it also effected by many completion in between. As in Malaysia there is main airline industry is Malaysia airlines. Air Asia has become the first low cost carrier with no frills such as meals or breakfast, Ticketless journey, frequent flyers miles. (Mohammad SummannSaker, 2013)

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