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1.a) Explain the meaning of ‘interorganizational’ in relation to marketing channel.
Management of the marketing channel involves the use of interorganizational management (managing more than one firm) rather than intraorganizational management (managing one firm). They are seen as sets of interdependent organizations which, by an exchange of outputs, are involved in the process of making a product or service available for consumption.
Interorganizational, that is a marketing channel is not just one firm doing its best in the market whether that firm is a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer. Rather, many entities are typically involved in the business of channel marketing. Each channel member depends on the others to do their jobs.
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There are many kinds of stock if the product line is many. In wholesalers, after they bought from the manufacturer, they will keep it before they sell it to retailer. Some wholesalers have their own warehouse and some are not.

Wholesalers provide financial accommodation to manufacturers in the form of cash payments for goods purchased from them as well as provide credit to them. They also grant credit where required to retailers whose resources are limited, so that goods can be sold before payment is required.

Wholesalers provide information to the retailers about the goods, which are available in the market. Also, they collect information from the retailers about the changes in the tastes, fashions, buying habits of the consumers, etc., and then pass them on to the manufacturers.

How manufacturers maintaining their sales foce is by train their personnel so that they become loyal. The number of sales force for wholesaler is usually smaller than manufacturer but it not necessary and depends on situation.

Manufacturer will send their promoter and sales person to assist wholesalers and retailers. While the wholesalers often help retailers train their sales-clerks, improve store layouts and displays, and set up accounting and inventory control

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