Swot Analysis : Human Resource Management Essay

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Question 1 (a)

Table 1 SWOT analysis for the Mapco the manufacturer of exceptional economic foodstuff using strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and human resource management, accounting and finance, marketing functions.

Looking at Table 1 it is clear that the main part of the business that needs to be strengthened first and foremost is Human Resource Management. Currently the company is a “one man band” consisting only of Mr.Rashid. He mentions in the report that he is suffering from a lack of sleep and is unable to discuss ideas with other employees.

We could safely say that currently all other 22 employees at Mapco are only concerned about executing tasks related to the manufacturing and shipping processes. Through the creation of a core business team Mapco could focus on expanding to new markets as well as exploring different product offerings. This would also remove most of the day to day managerial duties from Mr.Rashid and thus add more structure to the organisation. Furthermore the business would be able to further develop their marketing strategy, as currently other than having a niece product there does not seem to be any. Developing a brand identity would be crucial in the long run, although there are no competitors at present it is possible that other businesses start a similar venture and poach some of Mapco’s current consumers.

Question 1 (b)

Mapco is in a quite unique position as a business. Its main produce comes from what consumers in…

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