Swot Analysis for Puma Essay

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PUMA is one of the famous sport brands that provide apparel and accessories specially fit for sportsmen and sportswomen. Instead of that, they also aim for a sport inspired lifestyle concept. They are trying to improve their quality, creativity and innovation as they have strong competitors such as NIKE and ADIDAS that are in the same category. Their targeted market can be mostly focused to urban young upper middle class and upper class men and women. (About.Puma, 2014) PUMA survived in the market with their creativity, energy and style in their apparel at a very affordable price. Sometime, they may be faced in some problems such as the price competition among the market especially in peak season. Besides, shipment shortage
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For example, the company use striking logo to attracts peoples and they did strong advertising by using media such as television, magazine and newspaper. They also use athletes to advertise their product. Besides that, they also serves as a sponsor agencies in numerous of worldwide sports competition.
PUMA now has established over 90 countries and hires over ten thousand people worldwide.(Brandyuva, 2014) PUMA is headquartered in Herzogenaurach,Germany and it also established in various countries such as United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Boston, Singapore and Malaysia. (About.Puma, 2014)
Although there are a lot of strengths for PUMA, but there is still have some feebleness for PUMA. One of the feebleness that can be said is the company has challenging rivalry and imperfect market share compared to NIKE and ADIDAS. (Mbaskool, 2014)For example, some people may choose a product base on the price and quality of the product brand, if NIKE or ADIDAS have a better quality or reasonable price, thus they will choose to purchase NIKE or ADIDAS product and unfortunately there may be a weakness to PUMA.
Secondly, PUMA has low financial power compared to the NIKE and ADIDAS. . (Mbaskool, 2014) If PUMA have insufficient capital for their input cost such as material cost, labour cost and fixed cost, hence there will be a major incline on their

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