Swot Analysis : Emc Runs With A Clear Mission Essay

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Description of Business: (information from 1 )
EMC runs with a clear mission, which is to lead the information technology business. EMC has three separate parts of business in different parts of industries which all have an important role in the whole company .those three business including, EMC information infrastructure, Pivotal and VMware Virtual infrastructure The three business that EMC have is runing individually , and by doing this is able to offer flexiblity to its customers .

Their successful makert straregy helped them to become one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructure information systems . they using their RSA information security division to track data across the industies and deliver revolutionary think to help clients realize their ambitions in an information economy . by transforming information into actionable strtaegies and tangible business results , EMC gained a competitive advantage with their EMC Power link

I conducted a telephone interview with one of the principle software engineers who is currently working in EMC, His name is Qi Zhou. He finished his PHD in Georgia institute of technology and before he joined EMC, He used to work in google as a software engineer. The following paragraphs is based on the conversation I had with him.

Company culture “Working at EMC is full of fun and excitements! Figure out new problems and facing the challenges everyday “as Zhou said. Each of the employees working everyday with…

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